Continuous Passive Motion (CPM)

Following a surgery or injury, it’s beneficial to move distressed or traumatized joints, muscles, and ligaments early on to help speed up the recovery process. Continuous Passive Motion, or CPM, automates this process by moving the affected area repeatedly without requiring much physical effort from the patient.

A CPM machine increases a patient’s range of motion, assists in joint recovery, decreases swelling, and helps prevent scar tissue.

Our knee, ankle, shoulder, and elbow CPM machines are state-of-the-art — leading the market in comfort and ease of use, and our experienced staff stays in touch during a patient’s CPM rental process to make sure the patient is comfortable and adjusts the CPM machine whenever needed.

Below you will find our complete selection of CPM machines. If you have a question about which machine is best for you, we’re happy to help. Just click here to contact us.


    This Functional Wrist System includes adjustable, aluminum support, and flexion/extension