Hot/Cold Compression Supports & Braces

Our supports and braces provide the perfect blend of comfort and support following treatment, help patients return to mobility faster, and provide long-term relief and benefits for those with chronic pain.

They have heat and cold capabilities and are great options for use after cold compression therapy, provide chronic pain relief and arthritis support, are an excellent source of comfort for Medicare patients, and help patients reduce pain from both CRPS & RSD.

If you have a question about which support or brace is best for you or your patient, we’re happy to help. Just click here to contact us.


    This Functional Ankle System includes adjustable, aluminum support, and flexion/extension control.


    This Functional Wrist System includes adjustable, aluminum support, and flexion/extension

    Cervical (Neck) Collar:

    The Vista® MultiPost Therapy Collar is designed to reduce neck pain and the symptoms of forward head carriage. Unnatural head position


    The ROM Elbow System is ideal for tennis elbow, elbow sprains, strains, soft-tissue contractures, and post-op recovery.


    The ROM Knee System is ideal for sprains, strains, chronic knee pain, and pain from recent surgery.


    Our shoulder systems are easily customizable for any patient or condition.

    Horizon LSO (Back Brace)

    The Horizon 631 LSO is the perfect blend of comfort and support, promoting a rapid recovery and return to mobility.


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