Cold Compression Therapy

There are few things more tiring and frustrating than waiting to recover after an injury or procedure. Whether it’s due to a fall, slip, injury at work, or sports injury, patients desire the most efficient rehabilitative process, and cold compression therapy offers a modern approach to speeding up the recovery.

In accordance with state-of-the-art recovery science, cold compression therapy accelerates recovery by decreasing swelling, reducing pain, increasing tissue healing, and increasing lymphatic drainage — helping patients return to the mobility and life they desire.

We offer solutions for almost every injury including knee, shoulder, back, leg, wrist, ankle, and more.

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Vascutherm 4

ThermoTek’s Vascutherm 4 is our top choice for ice-free cold compression. It offers precise temperature control

Corresponding Individual Wraps

We offer all of the single-patient use therapy wraps needed for the Vascutherm 4. Each wrap


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